1.School Background

The school was established in 1999 and it is managed by the Department of Education. It is located in urban area. The school consists of Classes from 1 to 8th. The school is co-educational and it has an attached pre-primary section. It has got one teacher and one Aya for pre- primary section. The school is non-residential in nature and is using school building as a double shift-school. Hindi is the medium of instructions in this school. In this school academic session starts in April.

2. ABOUT SCHOOL Academic excellence is a sub-set of education. Information, knowledge, skills and attitudes & values, all together constitute holistic education.

Govt. Middle High School – 37C is a schools in Chandigarh, where deploys the good ‘holistic education’ practices. Supported by a well equipped infrastructure, it provides a high quality academic program, in addition to opportunities of holistic development. Students grow up rooted in Indian culture and prepare to pursue in a Bright future.

Although a rigorous academic program is at the core of everything we do at GMHS-37C, a co-curricular and extra-curricular program of activities for students endows them with a much needed, holistic education giving them a competitive edge over their counterparts from other schools.